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Ms. Vivien Heu was appointed as Senior Manager, Sales Admin. & Marketing on 15th December 2017. Prior to joining EcoFirst Hartz Sdn Bhd, Vivien Heu had previously worked for several property development companies namely GuocoLand (Malaysia) Bhd, Country Garden Properties (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Malaysia Land Properties Sdn Bhd and MBf Property Services Sdn Bhd.

Vivien’s  strengths in Sales Administration coupled with all-rounder hands-on experiences in planning and implementation of Marketing concepts and products for the projects ; preparations and implementation of procedures for handling over of the property to Buyers; and managing/overseeing Property/Building Management for the project until Joint Management Body (JMB) takes over, has groomed Vivien into management role which allows her to have an overall insight and a clear picture how Marketing, Sales and Sales Admin functions effects each other when a marketing strategy is implemented. Her strengths and experience in all areas has also enabled her to be a strategic Sales Administrator where she is able to provide strategic support to Marketing and Project teams by carving and implementing relevant strategic documentations suitable for the project or development.

She provides strategic support to Marketing Department by reviewing, analyzing and pre-empting potential weakness and risks that may occur in Marketing Strategies prior to the launch of a project or sales campaign. She also analyze, resolve or find alternatives to potential legal issues due to changes in the law affecting housing developers and advice relevant departments accordingly, advice and prompt Project Managers and Management on potential legal issues pertaining to changes in building and layout designs.

She is result oriented, independent coupled with a strong passion. With 35 years of experience behind her, Vivien is an accomplished Manager with the ability to clearly define goals, set targets and able to effectively leverage on available resources to achieve them.

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